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Becoming a Femgineer at Babbel and relocating to Germany

Rachel Toner –

This interview is part of our blog series on Femgineers (female Engineers) at Babbel. In this installment, we talk to Pallavi Subramanya who started her journey with us just a few months ago, moving from India to Germany for her position.

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A Look Back at Hack Day #9

Ewa Cabaj –

Have a look inside one of Babbel’s most exciting initiatives, Hack Day, with the official aftermovie and an interview with Mo Mourad, one of the members of the winning project.

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The making of Replicator

Alexander Sulim –

A story of an internal tool – Replicator. It involves AWS Lambda, one of the hardest things in Computer Science, and Star Trek.

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Babbel Neos: The first year of a junior developer

Gábor Török –

Gábor Török, the former Program Lead for our engineering mentoring program – named Babbel Neos – follows up with the trainees to see where they are, how the program helped them, and where they see themselves going in the future.

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Movin’ on up: A femgineer’s journey at Babbel

Tamara Menendez –

This first installment in our series on Femgineers at Babbel, we talk with Pooja Salpekar about the process of transitioning from ground-level engineer to Engineering Manager, and what she’s learned along the way.

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How to Fight Retrospective Fatigue

Fabian Lindenberg

It’s the end of a sprint. You’re sitting in a barren meeting room. Small stacks of colorful, still empty sticky notes and black markers lie on the desk that occupies most of the room. The moderator opens the Sprint Retrospective by asking their never-changing questions in the usual calm, routine manner: “What went well this past sprint? What didn’t?” One team member joins the session seven minutes late, another doesn’t show up at all because of a conflicting, supposedly more important meeting. As the session continues, you notice colleagues secretly glancing at their watches or yawning. No comment sparks a real discussion. No one cracks a joke. The meeting finishes ahead of time. The team has filled a mere dozen or so sticky notes. One colleague in the back has neither said nor written a single word the entire time. Just before leaving the room, the team half-heartedly commits to a few actions for further improvement. You expect these actions will be forgotten already tomorrow when the busyness of the new sprint kicks in.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then, you and your team might be suffering from Retrospective Fatigue. In this post, we are going to show you how you can fight it!

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On the Hunt for the Fastest CI Service

Neil Natarajan

A speed- and usability-focused comparison of the Travis CI, CircleCI, and Semaphore CI Continuous Integration services.

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