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Babbel 4th Hackday - our review


Twice a year we break out of our everyday routine and meet somewhere in Berlin to form ad hoc teams working on our own project ideas and hacks. Some of them eventually become actual Babbel projects.

As the Babbel family is growing pretty fast lately – and so is the list of the Hackday attendants – the venue research can get really hard; this time we had an exciting option, though…our future office!

A completely empty 5–storey building close to Alexanderplatz just for us and during the Halloween weekend. Creepy!? Scary!? Exciting!

We took over its big empty open space and we brought tables, chairs, sofas, bin bags, lights, super Wifi, coffee, snacks, Club Mates, beers…and last but not least, 110 Babbel – Hackers; 110 people from Product, Engineering, Data Analytics, Marketing, Customer Support, Design, Didactics, Internal Communication worked from 10 am to 19.30 pm on 26 different projects.

4th Babbel Hackday

The venue ended up being a perfect Berlin style location for hacking; for lunch, nice and yummy warm curry was served by Kaizoku Berlin Kaizoku Berlin and pizza was the special guest of the night – Thanks to La Pausa.

After hacking for almost 12 hours, we were happy to see other Babbel colleagues joining us for the presentation and of course, for celebrating; each team had 3 minutes for presenting its project with a Demo and without any speech.

Lots of interesting and engaging ideas have been presented and although we cannot share too many details, be assured you will hear about some of them soon.

4th Babbel Hackday

After gathering the votes, we awarded the winner with a Drone, while all the participants received a Babbel Hackday 4.0 t-shirt.

What did happen next?! When the playlist started playing, no one could hold us from having fun together!

Stay tuned for learning more about the upcoming Hackday!

View the video of our fourth hack day on YouTube.

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