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Rails Decorators using the Draper gem


You might have experienced this yourself: Over time, Rails models are getting fatter and fatter and the complexity of helper classes increases.

It is good practice to keep complicated logic away from your views. But dealing with a lot of helper methods is also tedious and adding view-related logic to the model is not an option either.

The Decorator design pattern helps to solve this problem.

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TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin 2014


We are ramping up our team of currently 30 engineers in all areas (see current job openings).

You can also visit us at TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin on 14.05.2014.

There are free tickets available for jobseekers - get them here.

The 1st Babbel Hackday


Friday, April 4th, we held the first Babbel Hackday. Starting at 10 a.m, more than 40 developers, designers, analysts and product managers gathered at Co-Up at the backyard of the Adalbertstraße in Berlin-Kreuzberg for a full day of hacking madness.

The complete staff of Babbel’s Product and Engineering departments and the BI team took part in the event. At Babbel Product, Engineering, and BI work closely together on various apps for web and mobile platforms. While our main goal for the Hackday was to bring people together through temporary teams for light-hearted, hackday-only projects, we also intended to provide some space for any ideas lying dormant in the existing teams. We also just wanted to have a fun day, and we were anticipating some great results.

First Babbel Hackday Logo

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up.front - Webdesign and Frontend Meetup


On Tuesday, the up.front meetup about Webdesign and Frontend will take place at Co-up in Berlin.

Topics include

  • Changing Behavior with Design
  • Confessions of an Alien: Attracting Non-coding People to Your Open Source Project
  • A Video Game Revolution is Happening… In Your Browser

Also on Tuesday, the support for Windows XP will officially end! Watch the countdown here and come to Co-up to celebrate this.

Save the date!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 7:00 PM at Co-up

Developing the Babbel Android App


Babbel’s mobile apps continue to be a huge success. After we shipped our new iOS7 apps, it was time to give the Babbel Android App a treat and turn it into a full-feature app. Babbel is striving to provide the same user experience across all devices. No user should ever be hindered in her/his learning activities by having to adapt to different user experiences on Android, iOS or the web.

Babbel Android App

Device images licensed by the Android Open Source Project under CC-BY 2.5. The aforesaid does not apply to the screenshots of the Babbel Android App.

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Reminder: Ruby User Group meetup on Thursday


On Thursday, 6th March there will be the next meetup of RUG::B, the Ruby User Group of Berlin.

There will be talks about

  • It Takes a Village to Make a Programmer
  • Death to Cookies
  • Ruby Storm - Distributed work on a self-scaling system using RabbitMQ

Find out more at the events page

GitHub Service Hook for AWS OpsWorks


TL;DR: Trigger a deployment of an app in AWS OpsWorks via a GitHub service hook when pushing a branch to your repository.

There are use cases where you want to deploy something straightforward, just by pushing your changes to a git repository, e.g. an update of an internal tool or a typo in a blog post.

For web applications, Heroku has such a workflow. You configure a Heroku remote repository, push to its master branch, and Heroku’s after-push hook takes care to roll out the new version of your application.

For hosting of static pages (or simple blogs like this one), GitHub Pages provide the same approach. If you push the content of your page organized as Jekyll project to a special branch called gh-pages then GitHub Page will compile the templates and host the result.

We wanted to have the same comfort for AWS OpsWorks. Most of our web applications and internal tools are running on OpsWorks, and at least for the internal tools, the deployment through Capistrano or the AWS Console has been too cumbersome.

We’ve proposed a service hook to GitHub which can trigger an application deployment on OpsWorks. And GitHub has integrated it.

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