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Babbel @Tech Startup JobsFair 2015 in Berlin

Barbara –

Babbel @Tech Startup JobsFair

Babbel’s Tech and HR teams will be at the Tech Startup JobsFair Berlin Spring 2015 looking for top talents! Babbel is a highly people-oriented company with a strong learning culture. At Babbel, you have the opportunity to work with some of the top talents in the industry, on a highly advanced technology stack that is constantly evolving to keep up with the cutting edge of new developments.

All this is only possible thanks to the team we have put together here at Babbel. Tech team members always participate in the recruitment process, and follow up with mentoring programs for new hires.

Babbel developers take part in great local events and international conferences. Maybe you will be representing us at the next one! But first, come and meet our team at the event, including Boris Diebold, VP Engineering, who will be there to give a quick introduction to the company and answer any questions you may have about working at Babbel.

The Tech Startup JobsFair Berlin is on May 27th 2015, you can sign up now on Eventbrite – and if you’re a top software engineer, we look forward to meeting you there! Check out also our Jobs at Babbel.

Babbel @Tech Startup JobsFair

How to create a radial progress bar with SVG

Jayasurian and Jon –

Radial progress

JS Bin

What is it for?

A while back we implemented a little countdown timer, which involved creating a radial progress bar. We ended up building a SVG radial timer, however we found that a lot of online resources were a bit complicated. In the end we built a straight forward simple radial progress bar using SVG, CSS and JS.

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The 2nd Babbel Hackday - our review


Hack days, hackathons or hackfests are done frequently in IT-companies to bring together engineers, designers and product owners in a playful spirit. The second Babbel Hackday took place on October 24th, 2014 at St. Oberholz – a typical Berlin-Mitte bar we thought…

2nd Babbel Hackday

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MicroXchg 2015 recap


Last week, a lot of Babbel developers attended MicroXchg, the Microservices Conference here in Berlin.

The conference itself was really well-organized. Like really, really well. The speakers were very good, the schedule was audience-friendly (lots of longish breaks to socialize, eat and drink), and the talks were balanced between enthusiastic and down-to-earth.

This post summarizes our impressions and the learnings we returned with.

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Functional Programming - A Gentle Introduction


Wikipedia defines Functional Programming as:

A programming paradigm that treats computation as the evaluation of mathematical functions.

If this sounds like Mathematical mumbo-jumbo that is completely removed of your day-to-day work as a Software Engineer, then you’re not alone. More than anything, Functional Programming is a way of thinking about building software in a perhaps very different paradigm than we’re normally used to. Let’s break down what are the core building blocks of a Functional Language and see how they can help us deliver better, more maintainable and robust software that you’ll actually have fun writing.

functional programming

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TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin 2014

Babbel Bytes

Babbel at Techstartup-Jobfair May 2014

We are ramping up our team of currently 30 engineers in all areas (see current job openings).

You can also visit us at TechStartupJobs Fair Berlin on 20.11.2014.

My 12 weeks in Babbel’s Backend Service Team


Omosola and Team

As my internship comes to a close (only two days left!), it seems like a great time to reflect on the past twelve weeks of my life here with Babbel.

I have to say that twelve weeks ago, I had literally no idea what to expect (and yes, I understand that’s the popular incorrect American use of “literally” :) I didn’t know all that much about the company. I just knew that I was ridiculously excited to return to Berlin for the summer.

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